Butterfly 5 inch shoe wings with transparent centers

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Butterfly shoe wings - choose your own combination of colors for fabric and thread

As modeled by the gorgeous skater @justseconds on instagram
Please fill in all options to get customized wings, default is faux leather fabric.
please look at the pictures as not all colors are available in every type of fabric

*** allow 2-3 weeks time for me to make these, no items are made in advance ****

PLEASE watch for an email regarding your order in case I have any questions

Price is for 2 each wings, for a left and a right shoe.

these are for eyelets which are 10mm and have a space in between which is also 10mm. Fits converse shoes and most adult tie shoes, boots and roller skates.

email me christy@christysstitches.com for any custom colors, sizes or change in eyelet spacing, I can try to match skate color themes or shoe/boot colors.

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